Union Auction New Date & League

by Iskvarren on September 28, 2013

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Re: *a poster stamped with the Insignia of the Union is placed on every street corner*
Hello Everyone!

I have great news! The Auction’s date and time has finally been decided, no interuptions or anything this time! We are still stocking on items for this auction, if there are any special requests for an item you hope to see, send any of us a message. We will relay the message to the others so that we can put together the proper hunting party to retrieve or, or tell you the chance of getting that item in time. Our items are protected and reinforced, some rare, the others are items gathered in simpler hunts. The auction will be on The Day of Tiyr, 15th in the Month of Brevig. I am hoping to see many faces arrive for this.

My second set of news, we will also be starting a league. A league for fighters, use it to your advantage if you wish. Perhaps you will get the chance to fight your worst enemy, or perhaps even your best friend. We will have the fights Seperated between those of physical strengths and the mentally strong. The styles of fighting will differ, as we have many different pillars. Our styles vary from Fisti-cuffs, with nothing but some pants and a shirt. Then, random, each fight the rules will change. We will have fights with only certain weapons. For example, this pillar will be only sword fights. There will be a small entry fee, as we will have to shut down all operations within the area to hold these League fights. Anyone who is interested, send me a missive.

Dalsin, Honorable Captain of the Union, Faithful Student of Battle.


Since the OOC time was not given in the original post, the Auction will happen on Saturday 28th, at 8 PM.

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