Union Auction Rescheduled

by Iskvarren on September 14, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: *a letter stamped with the insignia of the Union*
Hello Travelor’s and Citizens!

We, the Union are holding an auction for all who wish to come, we have been planning this for a long time. Anyhow, we have a wide variety of things going up in this auction, from wands to rare equipment. Anyone who wishes can donate items for this auction, as the cause is for the children within the Orphanage. The children have been neglected for a long time now, murders happening there and such, it is still to give back what they have lost.

Seventy five percent of what is made from this auction is going towards them, better food, more comfortable beds, perhaps some reconstructing as well. We will be holding this auction on the Day of Hente, 11th in the Month of Yalsa, in the Year 1744. We will be holding the auction within the Suicide King’s Casino where food, drinks and music will be provided. The auction will be begin at around ten in the morning, so everyone get your rest and prepare your pockets, there is some fun-a-coming!

Dalsin, Honorable Captain of the Union, Faithful Student of Battle.

OOC : This auction will be happening on the 14th of September, at 9pm EST. I hope everyone can be there!


Greetings Citizens of Seria, and Travelors of the Lands!

I am ashamed to say, but due to current events that require our dire need of attention. We are hereby rescheduling the auction. The date has not been decided, and will be discussed once the situation is under control. I don’t wish for anyone to feel that they are missing out, if you wish to buy an item still for the same cause. I will gladly sell it off to you.

For those who wished to participate and were really looking for forward to such things, a discount will be given for some of the items in stock for this auction. I will be around the city, investigating and stuff. Just send me a missive or just find me with any means you have.

Dalsin, Honorable Captain of the Union, Faithful Student of Battle.

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