Apprenticeship Program

by Iskvarren on October 24, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: *A piece of parchment paper, bound by a thin lavender ribbon*
Members of the Union,

I happily announce, after many meetings, we have been able to accomplish a wonderful achievement. Farmer Mack, Hobard Evetwood, from the grain mill, Branj Stoldt, from the berry mill, and Tiana from the Outfitter’s store have agreed to give apprenticeships to those coming of age at Seria’s Orphanage.

The Union would like to take this oppurtunity to formally thank these wonderful people for their kindness. Please, show thanks by supporting their businesses and offering any aid they may need.

Furthermore, this effort is open to any others that are willing to teach their trade to our orphans. If you know of someone now or later that could use the  help and are willing to offer to teach please let us know.

On Behalf of the Union,

Raissa Kav’anagh


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