A Public Letter

by Lyseri on November 16, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: ivory scrolls have been posted on each of the trees in the Serian Center Square
Fear not my fellow Serians, for I have gotten to the root of our current plight: the pumpkins. I have spent many an hour examining these expansive, incursive, and invasive species with gourds of the past and any gourd, squashes or vines that may have been chronicled, registered, and recorded. This variety may be completely similar to a strain that stems from the Qoosa Mire. What is another invasive species that has replanted in Seria from the Qoosa Mire? The johgo. It is clear that the johgo have called up their ancestral powers to create these horrible plants with the intent to mangle, choke, and strangle the life from the rest of Seria and reign supreme fom their high and mighty treehouse. It could be very soon that their plans come to fruition. Given this pressing timeline, I feel that any and all johgo should be detained, restrained, and held until more information has been squeezed from them. Please help to do your part and stop this growing threat.

Your fellow citizen,


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