Pumpkin Infestation! – Selinda

by Iskvarren on November 16, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: * a notice with the mark of a leaf *
To those of Seria who have noticed the vine INFESTATION (if you have not noticed, please locate a window and hurl yourself out of it to experience the “outdoors”), I know there are some of you who claim the vines are “friendly.”  You may claim that they simply want food and their leafy vines have “feelings,” but *I* know a ruse when I see it!  Heed my warning, lest you find yourself in a pumpkin version of a mantrap.  The horrible things should be KILLED WITH FIRE immediately!

Selinda’s Greenhouse Blooms is secured now.  No vines will cross my threshhold, and any customers in alliance with the horrid things should go elsewhere.



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