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by Iskvarren on November 5, 2013

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From: Iskvarren
Date: Mon Nov  4 23:21:54 2013
Re: RP Discussion Forum
This upcoming Sunday, November 10 at 8 PM EST, we will be holding an RP Discussion Forum.  The event will focus on providing ideas and tools for RP success much in line with our previous Q&A as you can read here.

The event will be mediated by a player who we feel is successful at RP.  However, we do not endorse any method as the only correct way, so all players are welcome and encouraged to come and share their thoughts on what to do in RP for the best of experiences.  The goal should be to criticize ideas, not people, and to focus on what can be done now rather than what was done wrong in the past.

Come whether you feel you are skilled or an amateur.  The only rule is to be civil.


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