Smash them all!

by Iskvarren on November 23, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: Posters displayed throughout Seria
Citizens of Seria!

It is urgently important that you all gather your finest torches and smashing sticks! Utilizing the seeds of a smashed pumpkin I have determined that the pumpkins now running rampant through Seria are the previously-though-extinct goblin gourds! This rare species of pumpkin was once common in the northern hills in and around the goblin village. That is, until the goblin population discovered the pumpkins were edible. It seems that the extinct breed has returned, though I don’t recall the literature ever mentioning the goblin gourds had organs and all manner of viscera inside them. Clearly, these gourds are evil and should all be DESTROYED! So get your axes, your clubs, your oversized rocks, then pluck them from their vines and smash them! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Protect the greenhouse!



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