The Captain’s Sparring League

by Iskvarren on November 2, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: *A piece of parchment paper, bound by a thick crimson ribbon*
Greetings all,

Introducing, The Captain’s Sparring League. Come to fight or come to observe, all are welcome.

Match options : Full Armor with weapons, Full Armor without weapons, Barely Covered – (Only Pants and Shirt), Random – Matches will be randomly assigned as one of the three above.


Murder is not allowed. If you choose to break this rule, you will forfeit  your  winnings. Furthermore, you shall not be allowed to compete within the League again.

If you wish to withdraw from a match, you may. However, you must make it be  known before the Host begins the match.

Each competitor, win or lose, will be given one free Black Cherry Whisky at the end of the match.

All matches require a ten gold wager. Winner will take fifteen gold  payout.

Spectators shall not engage in combat.

Entering: You can send a request with which match you wish to have to either myself or  Hyraby. Once we have your request, we will match you up to another contestant. If a contestant is not available immediately in your match choice we will send notice that you are in que. Once an oppontent has been found, you will be notified of who you will be sparring with and the place and time shall be arranged.

Once there is a match set, we will announce the place and time for those who wish to come and view the match. There will be a free, limited supply, of  Black Cherry Whiskey for spectators enjoyment!

On Behalf of the Union,

Raissa Kav’anagh


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