Feathered Friends of Fantastic Flora

by Iskvarren on December 8, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: * bald-headed avian guards distribute fliers throughout the streets *
Ahem, ahem, are you ready now?  Write exactly what I say next.  Wait, don’t write that!

Dear Seria, our less high-minded neighbor down below:

We are the Feathered Friends of Fantastic Flora, a reclusive society that operates within the Divine City to collect the various plants that inhabit M’dhoria.  Our goblin gourd stock was recently lost, and it seems you all have found it!

We have no explanation for these vicious lizards that are now devouring them; there were reports that a certain basilisk — no, it’s spelled like THIS, the other one is a type of temple!  — err…  Yes, a basilisk used to devour the gourds’ magical innards.  So, we anticipate that the gourds will be devoured into extinction in the wilderness again, since they appear to be easily insulted by even the gentlest plant whisperers.  Before that happens, we request that you hear our plea!

The gourds were bred for…  Let us say, certain purposes, and by retaining the hearts, we can ensure their survival.  Certain of our members, who you may recognize by their bald, blue heads and radiant feathers, will be visiting your fair city soon to collect these hearts.  Nay, we will not ask them for free, but will offer SPECTACTULAR GIFTS for good specimens.  Mind you, some of the thank-you-gifts are a bit shinier than the rest…  We think they are all the same…  Probably…  Maybe.

You need only hand over what hearts you find to our men.  After that, you may do whatever you want with your lizards after the gourds are devoured!

* an elaborate seal that features 4 stylized F’s surrounded by silhouettes of what appear to be avians with branches growing from their heads.  *


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