Lizards, Blasted and Blasting

by Iskvarren on December 15, 2013

in IC Notices

Re: * bald-headed avian guards distribute fliers throughout the streets *
Are you writing now?  NO, NOT THAT AGAIN!

Ahem, thought you Serians would like to know, but some of these lizards have grown quite large!  It is no wonder that most of the patches are devastated.  We have collected a good number of hearts with your help, but it seems, erm, that the digestive tracts of these animals does curious things to these hearts!

So, the most prestigious and bald-headed members of the Feathered Friends of Fantastic Flora will remain in your city to collect these red hearts.  Excellent rewards will be offered for them!

You should know, by the way.  Those big lizards have been seen blasting people across the city.  We suggest utmost caution.  We wouldn’t want the plants and the hearts to be disturbed.

* an elaborate seal that features 4 stylized F’s surrounded by silhouettes of what appear to be avians with branches growing from their heads.  *


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