Lizards, Roll Out

by Lyseri on January 27, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: * bald-headed avian guards distribute fliers throughout the streets *
Ahaw haw hawm! I require exact dictation! Eh, eh, what are you doing? No,
don’t start with that! Yes, now!

Regretfully lower Serians of Seria far down below,

We, the Feathered Friends of Fantastic Flora, send word from the Divinestly
Divine City floating most divinely up above. You may rejoice, for the
mysteriously inexplicably pumpkin-devouring lizards have devoured all the
pumpkins. From our perch on high, we spot no more hide or tail of the beasts!
They seem to have scurried off on their bellies as you land-bound creatures
do to somewhere with more plentiful food. Happy day! A wing day! Ah, but they
don’t have wings, will they be consumed by jealousy what, no, don’t write

Ahawm! Our guards will be a-wing to return soon once we have determined there
is nothing more of plant-related interest in low Seria down below. We bid
you all warm winds and are most pleasantly surprised by your help. Perhaps
your low minds may be elevated yet!

* an elaborate seal that features 4 stylized Fs surrounded by silhouettes of
what appear to be avians with branches growing from their heads. *

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