The Crusade is Nearing Completion!

by Iskvarren on January 20, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: *several posters are strewn throughout the land*
Greetings One and All!

The Crusade be nearing completion and will be taking a place at the helm of Serian government. Our numbers be swellin’ and paperwork be drawn up to make all things official. We be lookin’ for more people interested in furtherin’ our goals and themselves though! Be warned, we do not accept tainted souls of malicious and nefarious nature. I would like to encourage those who have a strong moral foundation to at the very least meet with me in person to find out if joining us would be a good fit for ye. Even those who have yet to pick a side of the road to stand can be up for consideration to call themselves a crusader.

The time of the Crusade is near. Will ye be a part of it?

For more information and details, seek out Varlo Kramph.


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