Coding Discussion: Unused Mage Spells

by Iskvarren on February 20, 2014

in Code Updates, Events

Tomorrow evening, starting at around 1900 system time on February 21st, I will be holding a coding party.  What this consists of is an OOC gathering to discuss coding changes that are needed.  I may or may not be making changes as everyone talks in the meantime.  I would like to focus on reviewing mage classes and in particular, removing or revamping unused spells.  If you have any particular skills on your mage that are never used, come with ideas on how to improve those skills or suggest their removal.  I likely will not be entirely rewriting most skills if they are more than a quick fix, so do expect your suggestion to be placed at the end of the to-do list.

Keep in mind that I am a busy person and this is possibly the last time I’ll be able to make some extensive changes for a few months.  If you have ideas but cannot come, feel free to mudmail or email me.  The only rule for this event is “Don’t be an asshole.”

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