Crusade Into Lords

by Iskvarren on March 2, 2014

in Events, IC Notices

Re: + *a parchment posted up throughout sections of Seria and at each gate*
Fellow Serians, and Outlanders,

For all those that may find themselves curious or feel the call of duty, the Crusade is asking for those individuals to respond with their interest. It has came to our attention, after many scouting trips, that the Orcs that make home in the ruined City of Lords are growing by the day in number. Though there is no immediate threat to be concerned about, it is in our best interest to keep control of their growing number and ensure they remain at bay and contained.

The Crusade is asking any of those individuals interested in joining the effort to contact me, Claire Alorian, directly. There will be teams organized and led into the area, so we may keep order and ensure everyone’s safety. Dependent on our outcome, the individuals, or teams that assist in ensuring our success will be provided with tokens of our appreciation. There is no obligation necessary save for the effort to maintain peace and order within our borders and surrounding territories.

*stamped in wax with  a golden hydra rampant upon a gyrony of white and purple  *
*signed in a simple, and flowing script* Claire Alorian

OOC: This event’s time and date are currently, tentaively set for Saturday, March 8th at 5:30PM EST time


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