Danger in Lords

by Iskvarren on March 9, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: *several scrolls posted up throughout the city of Seria*
To all those who call Seria home as well as Outlanders,

As a direct result of the Crusades march on Lords I feel we can all rest a little easier this night. The numbers of the Orcs has been curbed and they do not appear as if they will quickly rebound and pose a threat to our borders anytime soon. We thank those of you who had supported the effort.

That being said the area the Orcs still do occupy in Lords is very dangerous. A conscious effort is still needed, I would ask that those who
would seek a challenge could further the effort even more by continuing to keep the Orcs numbers in check. Be careful, but find no fear.

*stamped with a golden hydra rampant upon a gyrony of white and purple*
*signed in a simple, flowing script* Claire Alorian


Re: // a note carried by a chill wind //
The Nexus would like to add that our initial excursions into the area were very heroic as well!  After fending off about a thousand vicious bloodthirsty mosquitoes and hordes of miasma-breathing drowned undead Lordian citizens, we were able to assess the area and arrived at the most impeccable conclusion that yes, the area is still infested with orcs.  It would also appear that the orcs are more organized now and willing to fight with some strategies, which include LOTS OF FIRE and LOTS OF CLEAVING and MY GOODNESS THERE ARE SO MANY ORCS!

All who venture into the area are well-cautioned to have a way out.  Or at the very least, a sacrifice for the thousands of mosquitoes that will hound you most persistently.

Toukaj the Lodestone, Compass of the Nexus


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