Illness in Seria

by Iskvarren on March 15, 2014

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Re: + *a series of papers posted throughout Seria*
To those who reside in Seria,

There has been several occurrences within the walls of this great city that require a level of concern and attention. A wave of illness has came to Seria. Though appearing mild, it has the potential to grow at a very severe rate. Over the course of my recent travels, I have encountered something similar within the fishing villages on the Eastern Shores of Alandis. That particular incident had grown to a state of no control and required an immediate remedy in order to end the suffering being experienced.

In this instance I believe we have caught the illness before it can take root and the full effects are felt. That being said, it is not something that I, nor the members of the Crusade, can handle on our own and be successful. We are seeking the aid of the Peacekeepers to place a quarantine on the areas of initial infection, the Slums, and the Orphanage. The Priests and Priestesses are also to be consulted and we hope will assist where they are able. That leaves us to ask the aid of any who are willing to lend it. We will be needing individuals to gather a series of supplies, and others that can volunteer to administer aid to the sick. We ask that those who are willing to assist send us word.

I hope we can resolve this matter quickly. I fear if we cannot find a solution fast enough, Mercy will be the only option left.

*stamped with a golden hydra rampant upon a gyrony of white and purple*
*signed in a simple, flowing script* Claire Alorian

**Event is planned tentatively for Saturday, March 22nd at 9:00pm EST**

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