Important: Q&A Event April 17th at 9PM EST

by Iskvarren on April 14, 2014

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Re: OOC: Q&A – Fundraising, Staff Hiring, and Other Discussion
The staff will be holding a Q&A event on Thursday, April the 17th at 9PM EST. We will be discussing important topics including: server funding (we’re reaching our one-year mark), recruiting staff (we want more staff members minions to do fun things), and various other topics (such as plots, player ideas for next year, revamps, etc). We will be available for other questions as well!

This will be an OOC event for players to ask the staff questions about game direction, rules, and concerns, or to provide suggestions for improving the game in general. Questions should be relevant to the average player, not about individuals or private matters. The only rules are to be civil to the staff and players at the event. The Q&A will last approximately one to two hours.

Hope to see everyone there. Come with your questions. If you can’t make it, feel free to MAIL TO STAFF so your thoughts can be addressed.


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