Lythren Thievery Alert

by Iskvarren on April 1, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: * black parchments with pale writing posted in the main gathering places *
To those concerned:

Recently, a rash of thievery by the lythren of the underground has been noted, particularly in the Coterie’s business dealings.  Those found to be abetting the thieves will be treated similarly, while those who aid us in the recovery of certain artefacts will be duly rewarded.

* a peacock feather with a staring eye *

OOC: This is the start of a new, open-ended event.  For the rest of this week, any time that I am available, you may send me a tell to request interaction with a chosen NPC.  All interactions will follow HELP RP NIGHTS rules.  There is no set ending at this time.  That is for what players decide to do individually or as a group.  If you are unfamiliar with the common knowledge about the Coterie, see HELP COTERIE.  

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