Search for the Tiger

by Iskvarren on April 5, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: * black parchments with pale writing posted in the main gathering places *

Reward: 750 gold pieces for the return of the Tiger
+ an additional 250 for the head of the one with it

Coterie sources indicate that one of the stolen artifacts is in the possession of a seafaring merchant who operates within Salty Harbor.

* Here is a detailed drawing of what appears to be a tiger statuette.  Its eyes  have been marked in red to indicate faceted jewels. *

Watch the skies, for they will be dark with smoke and flame.

* a peacock feather with a staring eye *

OOC: Thanks to those of you who have taken an interest in this plot.  It’s still open to all, and open-ended.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  See HELP RP NIGHT for information on what to ask for.  I will be open to RP requests indefinitely until this plot is over.  Just send me a tell.


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