The Lynx at Sea

by Iskvarren on April 26, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: * black parchments with pale writing posted in the main gathering places *

Reward: 750 gold pieces for the return of the Lynx
+ an additional 250 for the head of the one with it

Coterie sources indicate that one of the stolen artifacts stolen by the lythren is within the Bay of Lesd’vha.  Its location appears to be changing, so we feel that it is within the hands of some sort of creature that lives there.  It is likely some sort of sea creature, as last we knew, no sailors who entered the bay ever left its misty confines.

* Here is a detailed drawing of what appears to be a statuette shaped like a cat with tufts on its ears.  It is crouching as if ready to pounce.  Its eyes have been marked in gold to indicate faceted jewels. *

The Coterie will pay for the return of what is theirs.  Those who stand with us will find great favor.

* a peacock feather with a staring eye *

OOC: This is the next step of the plot.  If you want to look around and want a response, please send a tell to either me or Chirondin.  Otherwise, if we are not around, make your plans!  See HELP PLOT UPDATES/HELP RP NIGHT for instructions and information.  There is no set way to proceed.


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