Seeking a Seaworthy Vessel!

by Iskvarren on May 11, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: *a notice posted in the common gathering places*
Seeking a seaworthy vessel! It can be small as long as it is extremely sturdy! No curses please! No rats please! No spirits please! Unless it comes in kegs or bottles!

Please no dagahasi needed! I’ve heard all about how they are thieving, murdering louts and about how we should avoid them at all costs!

Offering: storms in bottles, magic rocks, magic clothes, magic clothes with magic rocks on them!!!

Seek: Orvlin at the Central Pier! I look like this:
*A drawing of a fox’s head. It is grinning widely.*

Do not talk to Karzt! He can only think one thought a day! He looks like this:
*A drawing of a very round face with a single line for eyebrows and a bristly beard*


With regards to the previous notice, please note that this is an IMM QUEST so if you want to do anything, you must SEND ME A TELL. You will not get a reply if all you do is talk to the NPC beforehand.

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