Charity Drive and Celebration in the Casino

by Iskvarren on June 20, 2014

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Re: + *a notice posted at several common gathering points*
For all persons interested,

In the upcoming days, the Crusade will be coordinating an event for all who would wish to attend. We would like to see many new faces among those we have already been acquainted with.

Using the Suicide King as a meeting point, we are asking for all volunteers to bring with them any weapons or armor that can be spared so they can be stockpiled to be used in case of emergency. Should the citizens of Seria or any situation arise that it would be necessary to arm a number of people, the Crusade would like to see to it that everyone would be prepared with the opportunity to be armed.

Anything maybe brought that could be of use, armor, weapons, scrolls of spells written by any practicing mage, or any other provisions that would be offered as potentially useful with no care for quality.

Compensation will be provided to those who participate, as well a celebration will be held at the Suicide Casino during this event.  We hope to add to the entertainment with various musical numbers, even theatrical performances from those you may know and those you may not. You may contact me,  Claire, if there are any questions.

*stamped with a golden  hydra rampant upon a gyrony of white and purple *
Claire Alorian, Paladin of the Crusade

OOC : The event is scheduled to be held on Sunday June 22nd at 9:00PM EST



Number: 84
To: all
From: Claire
Date: Sun Jun 22 19:12:36 2014
Re: + OOC – Event Reschedule
I The event that I had planned for today, Sunday 6.22 will be rescheduled. I
apologize but when a new date is found I will send out an update.


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