Seeking: Ingredients and Helpers

by Iskvarren on June 4, 2014

in IC Notices

Re: A missive is distributed.

HAVING BEEN blessed with a guest, fine of figure and flight of foot and good and strong in all ways save one,

BUT HAVING BEEN vexed by our Esteemed Guest’s single ailment, i.e. the taciturn tongue of a titmouse w/r/t a matter amicable and amenable to our combined interests,

WE THEREFORE must needs procure the cure for our Esteemed Guest’s ailment, with, should your coinpurse be wanting, your aid.

He or she who brings the following items to the Basilica and delivers them unto the hands of the Coterie will be rewarded as handsomely as the tales say we reward those who aid us.

One (1) peacock feather, dyed white.
One (1) liar’s tongue, preferably plucked during the act of a lie.
Five (5) bars of soap, sandalwood preferred, castile or ginger in a pinch.

Bring the above reagents to the Basilica and receive a reward.

Scribed on behalf of Szaloch of the Coterie.

* stamped with the image of a peacock feather with a staring eye *



Re: * Notes written on torn book pages, posted in gathering places. *
Seeking! I am seeking! It is very important! Surely you have seen Mr. Szaloch’s Most Important Quest! Where he is requesting all manner of Rare and Elusive and Probably Very Expensive things, most of which are parts of people!

I am seeking a group of like-minded people who are planning to find all those Very Expensive Things! We should work together for great success!

If you are interested, leave a message with Gerlaz of Manhunters’ Bar for Norvli. He’ll know where to send you!

* written in smaller print at the bottom * And definitely NO artifact hunters. We are not after wild goose chases and certainly none of us will ever touch one of those rare, rare artifacts anyways!


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