The Opening of the New Library of the Gods

by Iskvarren on June 21, 2014

in IC Notices

*a resplendent golden parchment*
The City of the Gods wishes to announce the opening of our new library.  Unlike more mundane libraries such as the one in Seria, ours features writings contemplating the most sublime of topics: the gods, faith, and worship!

All manner of visitors are welcome to come and educate themselves on the various teachings.  At this time, our collection is still limited and we intend to accept submissions of religious works.  That means if you have written a work regarding your thoughts on a deity, detailing the history of gods, or your experience in worship, please submit it to the library for evaluation and a reward.

* Stamped with the seal of a feather crossed with a quill *

OOC: Always looking for more religious books and Bibles!  Either write the book in game and give it to me or email it to


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