The Plot is Coming to an End

by Iskvarren on June 14, 2014

in RP Updates

This plot is heading to an end.  Intervene quickly!  Don’t wait for everyone forever!  Because, you know, the plot won’t wait for you.  The NPCs are alive and technically other NPCs help them.

For the next week, I’ll be flipping coins daily.  One for the explorer’s side, one for the Coterie’s side.  There are some dice as well for whether either side acts prematurely.  When one side’s plans are complete, they’ll act and probably get a dice roll for success.

So that means if you, the players, want to intervene and obtain rewards, you better move fast.  You don’t need to wait for everyone to RP with an NPC it’s fine to use mails and conversations to keep others up to date.

This plot WILL have lasting consequences.  Upsetting a side means they will stay mad at you.  Areas will be built differently depending on outcome.

See HELP PLOT UPDATES for ongoing updates to the plot.  See HELP RP NIGHT for an idea of how this works.

* Note: Sometimes the simplest actions will give you an idea to proceed.  You don’t have to come up with an elaborate plan to win.

I’ll be hoping to see some of you jump into action soon.

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