Foods: Version 2.0

by Sannhet on August 21, 2014

in Building Updates

Good news, everyone! The food update is now complete. That means that foods are now bigger, better, and more nutritious!

I created a kind of food standard so you’ll have a general idea of what you’re getting into before you purchase food. The standard is set by ingredients and is as follows:

Meat/Dairy – STR, Damage, HP
Fish – DEX, Attack, HP
Sweets/Fruit – INT, Defense, Mana
Grains/Breads/Roots/Nuts – WIS, Speed, HP
Vegetables/Salads/Spices – CON, Critical, mana

Saves, resists, and skill buffs (such as regen, berserk, detects, etc) will be randomly assigned to foods regardless of ingredients. Move is also used as a filler on all foods because food gives you energy, amirite?

When looking at a particular food item in a store, you’ll see that the item has a level and a cost. Two foods of the same level might have different costs. Cost is affected by how long the food lasts. Also! A food item of a higher level will have much better and more stats.

So! Get out there and get eating!


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