Mastering Your Skills

by Iskvarren on February 8, 2015

in Code Updates

The first major update this year is with the new mastery system.  This is an expansion of the permslot system, which originally charged mages 3000 experience for the ability to cast a spell without memorization.

A downside of this was that mages were saving up 3000 experience to get a permslot, while melee classes could save up 3000 experience for 75 HP.  With this update, masteries are free and any experience you might have spent on a permslot has been refunded.

For more details, read on.

What skills can I master?  First, you have to have the skill or spell you want to master at 100%.  All spells are eligible for mastery, but only some select skills are available.  You can see which skills can be mastered by typing SKILLS and looking for the +’s.  In general, skills/spells that are eligible for mastery require you to type a command and cost mana/movement to use.

How much does it cost to master a skill?  It’s free!  However, you are only allowed 4 masteries and if you decide to change one out later, it will cost you 1000 experience to remove a mastery.  This is to prevent people from switching them in and out as needed.  If you had a permslot before, rest assured; you should have your experience back now.

What are the bonuses?  The mastery system is mostly unchanged for spells; mastered spells are like permslots in that you no longer have to memorize to cast, but also cost 1/3 less mana on the initial cast.  (By initial cast, I mean the value displayed when you type MAGIC, which doesn’t include any extra mana charges within the spell.)  Mastered skills cost 1/2 as much mana and movement when used in combat and 1/3 as much when used out of combat.  This is so a skill like crescendo receives a big bonus, while a skill like aid receives a smaller bonus since it’s used in relative safety.

What about class revamps?  Unless your class is battlemage or vagabond, your class will receive a full revamp later on.  In the meantime, feel free to master whatever skills you want, but be aware that you may want to change them out later.  If a skill is changed later, I’ll happily give you free mastery exchanges.  Expect more skills to become available for mastery.

Can we have special bonuses only unlockable by mastering a skill?  Maybe in the future.  I didn’t want to get too much into editing every single skill and spell individually, but I could see some new unlockable content that comes with mastering a skill/spell.

How do I see what skills I have mastered?  Typing MASTERY should produce what looks like a spellbook with a list of your masteries.

This skill should/shouldn’t be masterable!  Uh… with nearly 500 entries in the skill table, I might have made a mistake.  Let me know what you see and why you think it’s wrong.

Bugs 🙁  Send me a tell if I’m online and BUGREPORT if I’m not 🙂

Other fun updates?  I think the other major thing I did was made it so spells can fail-improve (that “learn from mistakes” message that gives you 1-3%).  It’s all part of making mages and melee more equal, so this makes it so that mages are less slow to level in comparison.

I’ll be around to write more code.  And I have some miniquests stashed for people who hang around and want to RP 😉


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