Assorted Class Skill Code Updates

by Iskvarren on March 8, 2015

in Code Updates

I updated code today.  Here is a quick list of things that changed sorted by class:

-removed mental pain, mind blast, temporal rift, translocate, and disruption
-merged bind soul with psionic shield
-moved foresight from level 2 to level 1
-moved infravision from level 3 to level 2
-moved mental scythe to level 3
-upgraded mental scythe to be same power as disruption

-removed enfeeblement and shocking grasp
-moved armor from level 2 to 1
-moved disjunction to level 3
-made chain lightning skip group members
-made recharge’s cooldown equal to the length of the longest buff

-swapped enfeeblement for weaken

-upgraded taint into a combat spell that increases abyssal vuln by 15 points per cast up to 30, lasting 10 rounds
-added new spell to be released for necromancers

Various Changes:
-increased mana costs of psionic shield, mental scythe, and weaken
-made charmed thief mobs not steal from same group
-added chance for additional 1/3 damage drop to weaken
-increased the saves bonus of shield, force barrier, etc to 10

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