Dangerous Strays Sighted

by Iskvarren on March 22, 2015

in IC Notices

Re: * notices posted along the major Serian streets *

It has come to the attention of the Peacekeepers that a large number of aggressive strays have been sighted in the southwestern quadrant of Seria.  We recommend that all citizens refrain from feeding or petting unknown cats and dogs in the meantime, as these creatures have been known to be quite aggressive.  Parents should keep small children at their side at all times when traveling through the streets on foot.

Those who are interested in helping to control the problem may seek out Lanrick at the Peacekeepers Headquarters on Southwall Street.  He is the large human man with wiry red hair.

* At the bottom is the Peacekeeper insignia, a seated, three-headed hound within a ring of eight-pointed gold stars.  *

OOC: Send Iskvarren a tell if you want to participate in this quest.  Since it is an imm quest, the NPCs will NOT talk to you otherwise.  This quest will begin starting Monday, March 23nd.  I am busy tonight 😀


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