New Skills: Turtle Stance and Paralysis Revamp

by Iskvarren on July 31, 2015

in Code Updates

Hello!  This weekend, I bring you two new skill updates: TURTLE STANCE and an update to PARALYZE, RIGOR MORTIS, ETHEREAL WEB, and ENTANGLE.

This skill uses a shield to shield block for 3 combat rounds.  While in the turtle stance, the defender’s defense is greatly increased at a penalty to attack and damage.  Hits dodged result in a small move penalty rather than an HP penalty.  Critical hits cannot be dodged normally and turtle stance is no exception.

Turtle stance will replace shield attack for warriors and knights.  It is meant to be a tanking alternative for those classes; warriors can shift between a more offensive or more defensive setup, while knights are a very defensive melee class.  It is best used in groups after a RESCUE or DISTRACT attempt to draw more hostiles onto yourself!

If you still want to deal a bit of damage, consider AEGIS GUARD for a lower defense boost.  Otherwise, TURTLE STANCE should have such a large defense bonus that you should expect to dodge every non-critical hit.



Previously, these skills simply immobilized targets outside of combat.  Paralyzed NPCs would become aggressive to the caster.

These skills are now usable in combat.  Once a target is paralyzed, it is removed from combat and any character fighting it is redirected to another available target.  Attacking a paralyzed target will allow it to move again.  Once paralysis wears off, the target will jump back in the fight.

For example, if you are fighting an ogre and a troll jumps in, you can paralyze the troll to remove it from combat for 10 rounds.  If you were fighting the troll, you will now be fighting the ogre.  This allows you to fight the enemies one at a time rather than both at once.  As a support class, you should use these skills to protect your group from taking damage from multiple NPCs in areas like Lords or the Ishon Forest.

Outside of combat, the skills function about the same way except the effect is now added into FIGHTAFF where they count down in terms of combat rounds rather than ticks.

The paralysis skills have had their mana costs and delays adjusted for combat.

FREEDOM has been adjusted to work on paralyzed creatures.

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