Berserk, Possession, and Nocturnal Shield

by Iskvarren on June 16, 2016

in Code Updates

I had some more time today to update skills and decided to make these adjustments.


  1. Berserk now boosts speed by 30%.
  2. Critical hit rate is upped to 100% (your victim can still resist a critical hit via CON).
  3. It now lasts 5 rounds instead of 3.
  4. You cannot flee while berserking.


  1. This spell now decreases defense by 50%, decreases attack by 30%, increases damage by 100%, and increases critical hit rate to 100% (as above, your victim can resist via high CON) for 5 combat rounds.
  2. You cannot flee while possessed (the demon in you wants to KILL EVERYONE).
  3. You are immune to the effects of ice, disease, poison, and abyssal magic (meaning you take regular damage from these types, but you can’t be afflicted with plague, curse, chill touch, etc).
  4. You gain a brief vulnerability to divine magic and resistance to abyssal magic.

Nocturnal Shield:

  1. This spell has been removed.  Its AC boosting effects are now part of covenant of ice and covenant of fire.  If you were a shaman or necromancer, you should have gotten practices back.

The Berserk and Possession skills are meant to greatly increase attack at a penalty to personal safety.  These changes allow our more offensive-based classes to break through defenses.  Critical hits cannot be dodged, but are still subject to accuracy checks.  This means that if you have 60% attack and 100% critical hit, you can strike a character that is behind turtle stance as long as you do not miss.  It also means that if something happens to you to decrease your accuracy such as getting dirt in your eyes, you won’t be landing many hits at all.

For more details, click here: HERE

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