Necromancer Update

by Iskvarren on June 21, 2016

in Code Updates

I went through and cleaned up some skills for necromancer.  The updates follow.

  • Debilitate: docks speed, defense, and damage by up to 1/3 for 10 combat turns.  Replaces Ball and Chain, Weaken, and Chill touch.  I experimented a bit and this has a greater effect than the skills it replaces which only dock dex and str.
  • Ball and Chain: removed.
  • Weaken: removed.
  • Chill Touch: removed.  Subzero is now level 3.
  • Demise: ultimately not very useful.  Removed.
  • Demonspirit: removed.
  • Exorcism: removed, upgraded Death Ward
  • Death Ward: if cast without a target, casts it on room.  If cast on a ghost target, exorcises the ghost from the room and casts room ward.
  • Embalm: removed.  This skill was mostly used for animate dead which isn’t very good either.
  • Rot Weapon: removed.  This skill was terrible because its effect (destroying the enemy’s weapon) was so powerful and griefy.
  • Scourge: removed.  Necromancer still has blindness, plague, and debilitate.  Scourge worked at lower efficiency for a lot more mana than casting these separately.
  • Crypt: removed.  The crypt effect was added onto Rigor Mortis.
  • Resist Disease: now gives immunity to plague.
  • Resist Poison: now gives immunity to poison.
  • Infestation: new skill where a swarm of infernal locusts is summoned to attack the enemy.  The enemy gains anywhere from 10-30 points of vulnerability to abyssal based on abyssal saves and has a chance to become disarmed based on the same calculations used by the disarm skill.

This clean up was in anticipation of necromancer summoning being updated.

Clerics should have lost exorcism as it was combined into death ward.

Enchanters should have lost runic ward since it is now in arcane ward.

Battlemages should have lost runic ward since they have shield.

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