Update to Narcosis/Drug/Demonbane and Raise Corpse

by Iskvarren on June 12, 2016

in Code Updates

I had a bit of time today to make some changes to shaman and necromancer skills.

The narcosis, drug, and demonbane skills previously did not stack.  You could only pick one of them at a time.  Narcosis makes an enemy use twice as much movement in combat.  Drug makes an enemy become progressively drunker.  Demonbane makes an enemy become progressively hungrier.  All of them slow regeneration.  I have combined all these effects into the narcosis spell.  Consequently, drug and demonbane have been removed from the game.  If you had these skills, your practices should be automatically refunded.

I felt it was silly for necromancers and shamans to have two raise spells to work on, raise dead and raise corpse.  I also wanted to move shamans toward a more neutral raise than summoning the breath of demons to bring your victim life.  Raise corpse has been removed from the game.  Breath of Ancients has been added to the game and replaces raise dead for shamans.  Necromancers who had points in raise corpse had them moved to raise dead and practices refunded.  Shamans who had points in raise dead and raise corpse had them moved to breath of ancients and practices refunded.

There’s also a new little message for when you lose a stat.  For example, if you get raised with raise dead, it’ll tell you that the demons claim what they are owed.

I’ve also made it so all raise skills go up by 1% when used.

If you find yourself missing skills now to level up, hit me up and I’ll bump a few easy ones for you.

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