Small Updates

by Iskvarren on January 21, 2017

in Building Updates, Code Updates, Game Administration

I’ve made a few small updates since I have time this month. They are as follows:

1) Archiving has been re-enabled. The length of time before your character archives is 90 days. I’ve reset everyone’s last logged-in date to today. I’ll also be willing to restore any character that archives as long as it was your most recent character and it doesn’t break the game. The reason archiving is back is because as more updates get added in, the more likely an old character will be out of date when they come back.

2) Create scroll has been removed from all mages. You should have gotten 2 practices back when you logged in. The scrolls can now be purchased from the scrollery in Seria. These scrolls can be used for enchantment (yay no waiting!) .

3) I fixed a bunch of issues with mana in campfire, track, and inspect.

4) Shamans have gained baleful gaze and ancestral blessing. I’ll be working on shamans a bit this month to give them their own flavor other than a cross between necromancer and druid.

5) All the class skill lists on the website have been updated. If you see an error, please let me know!

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