Change to Lowbie Death and Memorizing

by Iskvarren on June 27, 2017

in Code Updates

I pushed in a new update with a bug fixes and a change to mortality.  The main update is that from now on, any deaths when under level 10 will automatically restore the character and teleport both the character and the body to the Academy Temple to be healed. There will no longer be invulnerability or infravision added. I have updated HELP MORTALITY to reflect this.

I’ve also added a few small tweaks lately, which you may read about on our forum thread. Many of these are small issues with new spells such as transmogrify or possession, or old issues such as pets not saving properly (there was no reason this was needed in the past). Most valuable to some of you is that memorizing spells no longer fails once you reach above 74%.

See this for a full list of updates.

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