July Sticky: Happy Hour!

by Iskvarren on June 30, 2017

in Events, Game Administration

My schedule is changing for the month of July, so I would like to announce something that I will call “Happy Hour Wednesdays.” What this means is that if you die on Wednesdays, you will get a free resurrection without stat loss or weakness.  This will also be done via the life skill, which will bump your total PC raises and make you eligible for the safe raise system later on.  You will still be responsible for recovering your HP/mana/move and your equipment.

As a reminder, any equipment dropped in the game and not yet retrieved can always be picked up prior to game reboots. If you’re concerned that I don’t know about your items, send me a mudmail or email to keep an eye on it.

Hope to see you all gathering more parties! This is also great for helping me to test new areas for bugs.

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