Growing Darkness in Frelugnya

by Iskvarren on July 3, 2017

in Building Updates, IC Notices

Re: ** Notices Posted by the Serian Peacekeepers **
Citizens of Seria:

Reports indicate that evidence of increasing necromantic power have been seen around the fallen city of Frelugnya to the east. Merchants traveling the Eastern Road report sightings of undead humanoids and otherworldly screeches and howls. Please exercise extreme caution if you travel that way.

* Centered at the bottom of the notice is a seated, three-headed hound within a ring of eight-pointed gold stars wearing a laurel on its middle head. *

OOC: Frelugnya has been updated into a medium/hard area. All previously aggressive creatures remain aggressive in their nooks and crannies, and the witches have become a bit more powerful. All the items have been upgraded to be appropriate for standard level 50 characters, and all the masking items have had their prices dropped! Please report any errors you find in this area. For the next 2 weeks, any deaths here will be restored if I’m around to facilitate bug testing.


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