About Cities of M’Dhoria

Cities of M’Dhoria (CoM) is a medieval fantasy MUD. Established in 1996, the game runs on a ROM codebase that has been highly modified over the years. Although it is a roleplay-enforced MUD, CoM has evolved into a game that has a lot to offer both adventure-seeking players and roleplay-centric players alike.

Leveling and Adventuring in CoM

The world of M’Dhoria is large and has many areas. Each area caters to specific levels and is tailored to provide special challenges for these levels. Your character advances in levels by practicing his or her skills up to certain percentages, and more often than not these skills are improved by killing monsters. Some areas in the game are designed for low levels while some are for mid- and high-level practicing.

Your character can advance on their own up to level 50. But that doesn’t mean that the adventure and the exploration stop here. In fact, level 50 is where a character can access the more difficult and the more rewarding areas of the game. Your character can explore these areas solo and go kill scary monsters to their heart’s content. You can also play the game’s built-in quests or participate in the tailored quests and events that the staff members hold on a regular basis.

CoM, however, is a game best enjoyed in groups. Why go solo when you can group up with a couple of your in-character friends to fight monsters and get great loot?

Roleplaying in CoM

As mentioned above, CoM is a roleplay-enforced MUD. You can go to as many monster-killing adventures as you want, but whenever you are logged in, you must always be in character. Roleplaying is a rich aspect of CoM that is supported by a unique emote system that cannot be found anywhere else in the MUDding community.

In CoM, roleplay-wise, nothing is exactly as it seems. The story of the world moves ever forward and each of its dynamic twists and turns is directed by the players acting out their roles in the game. You can carve out any role for your character that you can imagine within the set framework of the game.

You can be a crusading knight out to protect the innocent from evil or a mercenary selling your sword and skills to anyone who has the coin to pay for it. You can be a just and benevolent ruler of a city that stands as a mighty beacon of light in the world or a demon-spawned tyrant whose only goal is to put the entire world on its knees. You can be a roguish bard, a scholarly mage or a battle-hungry barbarian. You can fight on the side of good or be an evil force that will plague the world.

Whether it is adventure or intense roleplay that you want, CoM has both to offer. So jump in and join our world.