The CoM Staff

About the Staff
The current CoM staff is much smaller than in years past, and even the active members are very busy in real life with work or school.  The game is important to us, so it is not neglected, but we are short-staffed.  We still work to release code and building updates to the game at a frequency ranging from daily to every two weeks.  This game is a hobby for all people involved, so everyone is a volunteer.  We appreciate your patience with updates and hope that you will cooperate with us in getting your needs heard.  Private requests can be made via email or mudmail, while game discussion and ideas are most appropriate for the forums.

Game Changes
CoM has changed significantly over the years, and it may not be what it was when you first played.  We welcome older players to bring their ideas to the table since many of them are well-experienced in terms of RP, combat, and adventure.  We ask you to play the way you would want others to play, even if it is different from what people do now.  If you have other ideas for us, you should share your reasoning and suggested changes on the forum.  This opens discussion to all players, which we feel is important in terms of game changes.

We are always looking for new staff to hire since there is always work to be done.  It is important to us that staff members are devoted to making the game better for our players rather than promoting themselves as immortal superheroes.  Staff members are privy to more information and often have to step in to enforce rules, so they are also expected to be fair, mature, and honest.  Finally, we expect you to have fully played the game for its RP and mechanical aspects since the experience is a huge part of your judgment as a staff member.  We are primarily looking for staff members to run RP events for players, whether they are small or world-changing.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, try your hand at RP team for a test run.  There are significant parts of the world that still need building, especially with the one-city change several years ago.  Whether you would like to build clean cityscapes, rivers clotted with corpses, or dense jungles infested with snakes, there is likely a part of the world that can use your concept.  See the application for details.

The following are the current staff of Cities of M’Dhoria as well as how to contact them:

Sativa Mundris
Drachnor Durkan (Please see this.)
Iskvarren: iskvarren[at]

Lyseri: Hiatus
Sannhet: Hiatus
Darmian: darmian[at]

Use this address for RP-related mail.  This includes IC logs you would like to share, concerns about RP, questions about RP, and prayers/RP logs related to religion. Applications for new clans should also be sent to this address.

immortals[at] or staff[at]
This is the general email address for OOC issues related to the game. All staff members will receive emails sent to this address.  If you wish to report abuse or wish for a review of a staff decision, send a full report with all details to this address.  You may also send questions or concerns here if for some reason the forums and in-game methods are insufficient.

This address reaches the game implementors and should only be used for serious concerns and escalated issues.