There are special characters and positions available in Cities of M’Dhoria and you can only get them by applying for them. Application-only characters are goblins (race) and knights (class) while special positions are newbie helper, RP team, and builder.

Goblins and Knights
For guidelines and requirements on how to apply for goblins, please click here. For knights, please visit this page.

New Clans
For guidelines and requirements to create a new clan, see this page.

Newbie Helper
Newbie helpers have a special duty of assisting the immortal staff in shepherding new players in the game. They are supposed to act as the game’s welcoming committee for new players as well as a resource that new players can turn to when they need answers to questions about the game. It is an absolute must for newbie helpers to be friendly with these new players and to treat them with courtesy. (Read more.)

Roleplaying Team
RP Team members have some very special tools at their disposal for the promotion of RP. What they should be doing with these tools is running quests. For those quests, RP Team members are encouraged to think small, think local, think fun. Quests don’t have to be long-term giant metaplots, but simple things to let players have a good time. The idea is for there to be minimal necessity for an IMM to step in. (Read more.)

Building Team
Building is an important part of our game; it is how we effect change and provide new content for our players to explore. If you’ve ever wanted to make your mark on the game and assist us in making the game new and exciting, then perhaps building is for you. (Read more.)