Goblin Applications

Interested in playing a goblin? Here are our guidelines.

Goblins are a slave race, often seen serving under dagahasi, quevran or orcish masters. Though goblins are perceived to be small, weak, stupid and cowardly, these traits mask an innate animal cunning and viciousness that make them entirely unworthy of trust. Read more about goblins here.

The goblin race is by application only because of the RP surrounding them. Goblins are a slave race and must always speak “goblineeze”. See the relevant pages on this website and the in-game helpfiles (HELP GOBLIN) for details before writing your application.

While proper spelling and grammar is a bonus, remember that our primary goal is that you understand how to play a character of this race. Goblin applications must be written in “goblineeze”. An example of how goblineez is written and spoken can be found in the book at the goblin school in the goblin village.

Please send the following information to sannhet@mdhoria.net:

** Application **

  1. Character name
  2. Character race and class
  3. Short and long description (Goblins can use proper English.)
  4. Give a brief background. This may include your character’s
    motivations for behavior and whether you will be pursuing a religious
  5. Tell us your future goals for this character.

As always, feel free to ask a staff member if you have general questions. Please do not copy the helpfiles for your application.