Knight Applications

Knights are good and honorable beings blessed with divine power and the ability to commune with the deity of their choosing for that power.  Their lives are dedicated to the fight against evil and to upholding order, justice and honor in the realms.  Players of the knight class are required to roleplay them properly, especially in terms of alignment.  It is > advisable to read HELP KNIGHT CLASS.

Knights are universally lawful good.  Knights are held to a high standard of RP.  Failure to adhere to knightly behavior without sufficient RP will result in the reclassing of your character.

While proper spelling and grammar is a bonus, remember that our primary goal is that you understand what it means to be a knight.  Please send the following information to sannhet[at]


  1. Name of current characters.  This is so we can contact you in game.
  2. Name of requested application character.
  3. Pick a race from avian, canidae, felis, grothtalian, human, johgo, siriyu, or taurlok.
  4. List the characteristics that you believe every knight must have.
  5. Explain how your character will have the characteristics above.

As always, feel free to ask a staff member if you have general questions.  Please do not copy the helpfiles for your application.

Please limit applications to 300 words.  You do not need an extremely detailed backstory and description to pass this application.