New Clans

The following is the method for creating a new clan.  Email an application with the following information to rp[at]

1) Name of clan.

2) Mission statement of clan.  A clan must have sustainable, long-term goals that provide RP for its members.  Note if your clan is a government clan*.

3) Describe the general flavor of RP you hope to run in your clan.  If a new person joined your clan, what would they RP about?  This should not have anything to do with mobs, territories, recruiting, or training.

4) List 3 examples of proactive and interactive RP activities that fit the description of RP in 3).  For example, if you listed “investigative,” then give an example of what your clan might investigate.  These do not have to be publicly-announced major events.

5) A list of at least 5 people (including the leader) who ICly intend to join the clan.  To ensure member legitimacy, all potential members must have a minimum of 25 hours played with at least 10 in the previous 30 days.  Each player may only have 1 character as a potential member.

Once approved, the clan’s leader must supply a rank system, hierarchy chart, and the clan’s emblem and colors.

If a clan cannot rally 5 members interested in its survival or fails to RP its mission statement, it will fall under consideration for disbandment.

* A government clan is expected to enforce laws and will be provided a jail for this purpose.  Government clans are eligible for clan equipment, customized backup guards, and a personal HQ that is immune to conquest after two straight months of activity.  Non-government clans do not have law-enforcement responsibilities and are not eligible for these additional perks, although you may select your own recall point within a territory after two months of activity.  All clans will have the ability to influence and gain territories.