Clan Leadership

The following is the endorsed method for taking over a current clan if a peaceful method is unavailable.

  1. IC: The challenging or prospective clan leader should ICly state his/her intention to lead in some manner.  The point is to collect IC support from the clan’s members.  IC methods of discouraging competition such as assassination or defamation are permissible.  To gain control, a clan leader must obtain enough support from active characters as detailed below.
  1. OOC: The challenger or incumbent must ask the staff to initiate an OOC vote for support.  The vote will continue for one week.  All supporters should mudmail their votes to the staff.  This vote is purely a head count for the staff to assess support and does NOT reflect any IC voting.  You may set up any sort of IC system, whether it is voting or overt violence, to facilitate the transition, but our decision will rely entirely on mudmailed votes.
  1. Eligibility: All potential members must have a minimum of 25 hours played with at least 15 in the previous 30 days.  Each player may only have 1 character as a potential member.  Eligible supporters include characters who will join the clan or intend to remain under their expected leader.
    1. Active Leader: If there is an active leader in power, the challenger must either be part of the clan or recently removed from the clan against his/her will.  Whoever gains the most supporters wins.

      Note: If there is an active leader in power and the challenger does not meet the requirements, IC events such as joining the clan or leader resignation must happen first. This is to prevent any group of outsiders from taking over an existing clan by voting with sheer numbers.

    1. No Leader: If there is no active leader in power, the challenger may be anyone who has ICly stated an intent to continue the clan’s mission statement.  If there are multiple interested leaders, whoever gains the most supporters wins.  Otherwise, at least 5 supporters are required.

Note: Clan leaders are required to invest a minimum of 10 hours per week.  They have a responsibility to generate roleplay for their clan along the lines of their mission statement, and this responsibility cannot be fulfilled by an absentee player.  Inactive leaders run the risk of removal and disbandment.