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Title: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Dmitrei Payne on July 16, 2015, 05:51:29 PM
Here are some reasons to play M'dhoria. All of these roles have been played at one time or another by myself or other players collectively. So many adventures and stories have come about due to these ideas and decisions by players to evolve into these roles. Some of the roles were goals planned, others evolved into the roles based on their character's random choices; However, it all starts with your imagination and your interaction with other players. If you haven't played in a while, I encourage you to start playing. Make a character and meet in the center of Seria. If noone is there, make it a habit of waiting there whenever you are done working on stuff. If you are leveling, level, when you are done, go to the center of Seria. Look for players where the game is most central. The center of Seria was always the place to meet, to develop relationships, to learn how to roleplay, to evolve your style, and to develop a love for this game. Try to remember what it meant to be new to this game, don't come already feeling experienced and better than everyone else, come as a newbie, ready to learn again and develop a new style than your old way of doing things. Remember you don't need to devote hours every day to play this game. Limit yourself to a half an hour to an hour. Come to the center of Seria and chat with other characters. Maybe over time you'll learn to make more time, you'll develop a love for the game again. I hope you will take it into consideration, and I'll see you at the fountain. Below I have listed roles to play as, these are just ideas and there are plenty more than this:

Roles to play:
A shopkeeper: collecting trinkets, interesting things, weapons or armor and selling them to other players.

A smith and tailor: offering services to make repairs, reinforce armor, sharpen weapons,  make clothings from patterns and supplies.

A guard: serving in the local guard, learning discipline, enforcing the city laws, hunting down wanted criminals, making arrests, all for a lousy days wage.

A resourceful thief: fencing off goods to other players that you’ve collected from unaware victims or keeping the goods for yourself, making your living off the coins of others, or by providing services to paying customers, stealing information by listening in on conversations from the shadows and using it to your advantage, or using your street skills to aid in the catch of criminals for the local guard.

An enchanter: offering services in exchange for money by powering up weapons and armor with enchantments, protections, and fireproofs.

A healer: making money by offering healing services during quests or traveling with a band of other adventurers.

A spouse: wooing a friend and establishing a strong romantic relationship, getting married and exchanging rings, then finding the adventures of loyalty and/or betrayal in relationships.

An addict: find quick and easy ways to make money so you can feed your addiction habits as a dice rolling gambler, horse betting gambler, noisy town drunkard, magic pill popper, food glutten, or heart-breaker, always looking for a new relationship at the expense of someone else’s heart.

A sell-sword: offering your services as a warrior, traveling with people on adventures, hunting for loot, or giving protection.

A spy: working for the enemy so you can gain their trust, get information and relay that information back to your allies.

An assassin: you collect bounties and find ways to kill people as effectively and quietly as possible, waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike or using cunning to earn their trust and then make their death seem like an “accident” during an adventure.

A knight: teaching morals and values in honor, chivalry, honesty, kindness, and zealously fighting those who would spread corruption and other forms of evil.

A priest: becoming the priest in a religion, or learning from a current priest in order to pass the values and tenants of a religion on to other followers.

A foreigner: making somewhere other than the most popular city your hometown and developing a foreign accent, different style, tastes, and habits.

A sailor: making a ship and taverns your often venture, and telling people of your adventures on the open sea, spending most of your adventures exploring watery regions.

A trainer: offering services to train people and help them hone their skills, languages, or spells, roleplaying with them along the way, and developing relationships. Or serving as a lieutenant and training soldiers and guards for a city.

A serviceman: serving the chain of command and working your way up, battling those at war, giving advice to royalty and advisors ,and establishing relationships along the way.

An explorer/historian: offering to document and record events and historical factoids as part of a position in a cities ranking system, all for a lousy days wage and the opportunity to make events part of the games IC lore.

Possible aspirations and goals for you and your character, because sometimes we just need a reason to play

Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Lartic on June 20, 2017, 01:34:39 PM
Attn: Citizens of M'dhoria

As most of you are aware at this point, I have begun a multi-medium effort to recruit people into the game. I have seen quite a few returning faces as well as some new ones that keep coming back. I urge you to consider making a return if you have not yet done so. You may find things quite a bit different (or not) but one thing is for certain. There is plenty of room to create new and interesting RP as most characters are new and only a few dated characters remain active. With a bunch of new characters comes a bunch of potential. I hope to see you all out there.

Edit: Tell you friends to come back or to start playing if they never had! Spread the word! Let no ear go untouched!
Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Lotus on January 14, 2018, 12:24:14 PM
A few months after the above amazing post by Dmitrei Payne I'd like to add that even if you are experienced there have been a vast number of changes and updates that have been a ton of fun and certainly worth taking for a spin. Adds a nice layer of freshness to a place where there are limitless possibilities and the depth of your imagination is at your disposal. I also encourage new and familiar players to check the world out. Those returning can experience the changes and those new can forge your own experiences. I look forward to seeing you there.
Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: yukiro on February 07, 2018, 06:34:10 PM
I keep meaning to come back and hang out for a bit... but my current work schedule is all over the place due to such a lack of staff... (I need to start asking for two people's pay checks...), life responsibilities with the family, and working on several stories I'd like to publish one day... I just don't have a whole lot of spare time to keep any characters from auto-deleting. Maybe after next week, when I have a week off, I'll try and hang out some. So long as I am not babysitting my nephew too much. xD Otherwise I know he'd end up causing my character to blow up... even if it isn't actually possible, he will make it possible.  ::)
Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Greyankh on March 08, 2018, 12:32:30 PM
After a long hiatus, walk-about, wanderlust, and real life, I have finally found my way back home.  It is nice to see a few regulars on.  Haven't had the opportunity to interact much with them yet, but will in the near future.

Love all the changes and I am over joyed to see life in the realm.

Looking forward to roleplaying with you all.

Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: yukiro on March 18, 2018, 03:57:03 PM
Okay, I managed to take the first step... I made a new character. I cannot promise that I'll be able to log in much, but I'll try! I cannot do late nights as much as I use too anymore (UK timezone), but if I'm on, and you see me; feel free to RP with me. :)
Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Rein on August 03, 2018, 04:58:11 AM
I too would like to roll a character and see some in-game activity. I plan on giving it a shot, but just hope not to be let down by lack of players.

Update: Re-learning the game went faster than expected and the tutorial was great! It truly is a totally new atmosphere game wise. I haven't even explored very far but once I get my description/religion/RP-plot laid out, I look forward to seeing what else this game has added to offer as well as seeing other players.
Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Iskvarren on September 01, 2018, 04:59:26 PM
I finally had a chance to come by and check things out, and it saddens me to see people here hoping for something.  I feel like I've let you down, but in truth real life came up and this hobby had to be dropped for some time.

I wrote up a post here ( if any of you are interested in trying to breathe life into the place.  The days of MUDs are long past, so I don't expect us to be booming again, but if you and some friends want to log on and play, I'd love to accommodate any reasonable requests.
Title: Re: The Return of M'dhoria
Post by: Lartic on September 06, 2018, 03:21:02 PM
I'm around from time to time, though I haven't been logging in much admittedly. It is rare that I even look on these boards, but if you have an interest in having someone to play with, I am free half the week during the evening. Feel free to message me to coordinate something.