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Author Topic: Books for CoM  (Read 3400 times)


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Books for CoM
« on: September 03, 2012, 09:03:04 PM »
This book was written based on Syrion's following of the Death religion, with Retheyas' training... kinda... both were good aligned knight's of death. hope you enjoy.

A book has been left here, bound in straps of iron.
A book bound in straps of iron has 6 pages with writing in common and 0 blank pages.

Areas of Interest:

 1. Opening
 2. His warm embrace
 3. His many gifts
 4. Eternal praise
 5. Death templar
 6. Closing

read opening
Praise the Lord Eternal for his many blessings. In this book you will find
our Lord Eternal written by one of his holy Templars, Syrion Solonas. This
book is not ment to contain the entire teaching of the Lord of Death. The
true understanding of the Lord Eternal is beyond mortal concept, in this book
a mortal's concept is all you will find.

read embrace
The Lord Eternal God of Death is known for many things the least of which is
his warm embrace, felt by all in death and beyond. It is by him that we may
find peace within death. Often those whose life has turned from fighting to
live to fighting to die, embrace and welcome death. Others seek death once
many or even all of their friends and family have moved on. Those that cannot
embrace death can often be found roaming the graveyards of the world, the
mindless undead. The others find his warm embrace.

read gift
The Lord Eternal has granted us many gifts, not only in the after life. Not
only did the Lord Eternal defeat Hate and lock him away in the abyss, but he
also created prisons there to house the most wicked of souls. These prisons
are known as the Prisons of Dalgahash. Before The Eternal defeated Hate and
sent him into the abyss the mortals of the world were forced daily to fight
to the death. Now we are blessed with the choice to farm, hunt, gather, or
gamble our life away. The Lord's blessings are many, and these are just a
few, but ones we should be most thankful for and praise him for.

read praise
The gifts of the Eternal are many, and as such he should be praised for these
gifts reguardless of the god you follow because his gifts are not limited to
his followers. Sacrifices and Offerings are not needed to praise and thank
the Lord Eternal, you only need find one of his many temple and voice your
thanks for his gifts. If you feel he has given you more than others and wish
to make an offering there are many things you can offer for you thanks: gold,
jewels, something very special to you, even a letter of praise.

read templar
Mant decades ago Hate forged an army known as the Reavers, to this The Lord
Eternal answered with his Templars. Sometimes unseen or unknown it is these
men that have kept the reaver's number down. Fighting Hate's soldiers in the
shadows and in the streets the Eternal's Templars have sworn to send the
reavers to join their master in the Abyss. It is their goal to distroy the
reavers before they can destroy the world. Knowing their enemies' power and
capabilities the Death Templars take an aggressive stance against the plague

read closing
Praise to the Lord Eternal for his many blessings. I hope this book has
enlightened you about our Eternal Lord of Death. May you see his many gifts
and and learn to embrace death. No matter how cruel life may seem remember
Eternal peace awaits you in the afterlife.

{D Syrion Solonas, Death Templar.{x

(hidden)read mundris
The Followers of The Eternal make up many cults who carry out The Eternal's
wishes in many diffrent ways. Here I will cover the intentions of the
Templars of Death. The Templars of Death are few and not a sect that seeks to
grow a mighty church. Their meaning is not to sway people to follow the
Eternal Lord, but to enlighten them to the many gifts and blessing given to
the people by the {DLord of Death.{x They are chosen to teach the people the
importance of faith and knowledge, and that each person has a path meant for
them. The Lord's blessings are many to his followers and his wrath unmatched
upon the Heretics, for this reason all loyal followers seek to clean all
sects and the world of any who would dare speak herecy of the Lord Eternal.
This cleansing can take many forms whether it be teaching the ways of the
Eternal, or turning the blasphamous from their errored ways.

(hidden)read mundris2

Death:  It is ment for the Death Templars to live so they can serve the
Eternal to their fullest. Dieing defeats this purpose even if it is temporary
so one should do well to keep their head.
Murder:   It is not ment for the Templars of Death to bring death, but to
enlighten and serve the people. A Death Templar should only commit murder
when this act saves far more lives than it takes.
Hate:  It is this feeling that can allow our Lord's prisoner to control our mind and body. All Death
Templars are to keep their mind, heart and soul free of hate for all no
matter the conditions.
Reavers: It is these beings that form Hate's army, they are the sworn enemy
of any Death Templar. These beings are known for inflicting not only nasty
plagues but spreading Hate to those they come in contact with.

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Re: Books for CoM
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2012, 11:10:17 AM »
I wish I could find the sequel to this book; perhaps if i keep digging around these old drives and files.

This book was originally written as a single and thus has no specific order, but compared to the sequel this book would represent the teen to mid years of Syrions life, as the sequal would be the mid to end, with a Final book I wrote after com closed in 08 that I don't have .

exam ivory
A leatherbound book with an ivory cover gleams dully in the light here.
A leatherbound book with a polished ivory cover has 7 pages with writing in common and 0 blank pages.

Areas of Interest:

 1. Introduction
 2. Into the Dragons Cave
 3. The Death of Shiloke
 4. Aella and the Siriyu
 5. Christoph and the Lady of Love
 6. Krahnna meets Syrion
 7. Closing

read intro
This book tells stories from the life of Syrion Solonas, Templar of the
Order. Here for your enjoyment, as much as history. The following stories are
not ordered by time or any importance. I do hope you enjoy.

Syrion Solonas, Templar.

read dragon
Years after Syrion had joined the others in the Order and helped them
rebuild, a young squire came to their doors seeking assistance. He was naked,
having been killed by a dragon and his things left within the Dragon's cave.
Syrion knew first hand how hard the life of a young squire could be, so he
rode his hourse north towards the icy mountains in search of the man's
clothes. Caught by surprise, Syrion was attacked, about half a mile from the
cave. The dragon was still on the prowl and hungry. As the dragon attacked
Syrion was knocked from his horse, rolling across the ground. As he stood he
drew his sword taking a defensive position. As the dragon came closer, Syrion
lunged at the dragon running his sword deep into the dragon before being
flung back into the snow. On his back the knight defended a fury of attacks
from the dragon, bite after bite clanking against Syrion's sword. Taking one
of the bites, his blade was able to cut through the dragon's neck leaving the
head, teeth and all stuck into Syrion's shoulder. Injured the ivory-clad
knight made his way to the cavern to collect the belongings he had set out
for. Once the things were gathered the horse slowly made it's way home under
the weight of the knight and armors.

read shiloke
For many months Shiloke had evaded Syrion's wrath, just barely able to limp
home to Cranezmore broken and bleeding. Lucky for Syrion he had studied the
Dagahasi and knew their pride controlled them , so when he challenged the
Emperor infront of his own Advisor, our knight knew Shiloke could not turn
him down and would not flee. After only a moment of words, Syrion struck out
at the Emperor taking him by surprise. The ivory flames writhing around his
blade engulfed Shiloke as it quickly cut through his thin leather armor.
Blindly Shiloke casted spell after spell some missing the others hitting
Syrion or the pets that often followed at his side. From begining to end
through fire balls and daemonic curses Syrion unleashed an endless combo of
slices as jabs, tearing at the Emperor's clothes and skin until he fell from
his loss of blood, landing on his knees at Syrion's feet. Without missing a
step Syrion took the Emperor's head, yanking on his horns as he decapitated
the bald dagahasi's head. Lifeless, the corpse fell from Syrion's grasp as
the blood poured from both ends of the neck.

read aella siriyu
Aella was a young woman, with a dark heart that inside held a bright light
wishing to shine through. What she did before Syrion met her is not written
of yet, but perhaps someday. When she met Syrion Solonas, she was a woman out
to change herself for the better, and help the world. Even if it was one
person at a time. One normal, stormy Serian night she approached Syrion, in
the center of Seria and asked for his help with someone. After agreeing
Syrion and Aella made their way into the blacksteel paths, where they found
a helpless siriyu crusified. The pair spoke rapidly about how to get the
siriyu down with as little pain as possible before settling on a plan. Syrion
would drive the spikes out of his hands while Aella supported the crucified
man's weight. Diligently they worked together to free the siriyu.   Once free
they took the man to Marrisa, in the Serian Temple. Where he could recieve
the healing he dearly needed. Arriving at the temple, they laid the siriyu
upon a raft disguarded by some traveler, and moved him to Marrisa handing her
a bit of coin. Aella and the knight worked hard with Marrisa to stablize the
siriyu, and when they could help no more they left the siriyu in her care. As
they left the temple the knight could see the flame deep within Aella burning
brightly, as the light slowly began to over come the darkness in her soul.

read christoph love
The first god or goddess to ever show themself to Syrion was the Lady Sarma,
mother of love. It is also how he began leading Christoph towards the Order
and Enlightenment. Again this story begins on a stormy Serian day much like
many others, as Syrion was heading to Blindman's watch to hand out food to
the poor. In the center he came upon the corpse of a man he knew very little,
but he did know he was young knight and member of the Order. Before this
lifeless body stood a small meager woman, wearing a deep hood that shadowed
her face. Syrion a man of the Triage himself at the time questioned the woman
about the body. This is when he learned the woman was Lady Sarma, and it was
she who had slain the man. Of course he was curious and spoke with the woman
learning that she saught to teach Christoph a lesson. Syrion could not stand
to see the knight lay dead in the square as his moans screached through the
area. Raised by the stables and seeing the men and women bargain and make
deals, Syrion did the only the he could think of to help this man. He struck
a deal with the Mother of Love. Syrion offered to teach Christoph, and help
him with his lesson, if the lady would return his life. Lady Sarma impressed
with the love Syrion had shown for a man he barely knew agreed to this deal,
and turned to share a few final words with Christoph. After she had spoke her
peace, she delivered the robust male into Syrion's care. After Sarma, the men
left the center to speak in the cafe on Tupper. There they spoke of the gods,
and life in general. These lessons continued until Christoph and Syrion had
become good friends, and the lessons became friendly chats. To this day they
can still be found from time to time talking through the night into the
morning hours, discussing morals, life, death and the many Gods of M'Dhoria.

read Krahnna Syrion
When Syrion was just a Guard in the Triage army, having recently joined the
Order, making his rounds he came across Krahnna the LichLord roaming the
streets of Seria. It is said from time to time Krahnna will leave his tomb in
search of living flesh to feast on, stories Syrion was familiar with because
they were used by farmer Mack to keep the kids in at night. Krahnna the evil
lich he is was more than pleased to have stumbled across an ivory Knight to
feast upon to night, but Syrion was not about to just lay down and play
dead. As Krahnna lurched towards Syrion the pure sight froze him in his
steps. Flesh falling from his body as he swung at Syrion, Krahnna made
contact with his ivory armor sending him to the street. Waking from his daze
Syrion drew his sword, blocking Krahnna's next attack. Krahnna continued to
swinging as he closed in on Syrion, until the knight was able to kick Krahnna
back and regain his footing. Krahnna was a skilled fighter and lost his
footing only a second before returning to attack Syrion, but a second was all
he needed. Covered in head to toe with ivory Syrion took Krahnna's assault,
waiting for the right moment. When Krahnna left himself open, Syrion made his
move. A single well aimed stab, dislocated the Lichlord's head sending it to
the ground as the ivory longsword sailed through his neck. Syrion grabbed the
undead head and carried it to Krahnna's tomb, his body not far behind. Once
he reached the graveyard he closed the head inside the coffin leaving Krahnna
to find his head before he could venture out and feast on the people of Seria

(hidden)read Those Not Mentioned
To the others in the Order not mentioned in this book, I would like to tell
you all how much you have ment to me. You have been like my brothers and
sisters supporting me in good times and in my bad. To Celandreia I would like
to thank you for leading me to my future, through death you showed me what
was ment for me in life. To the Lord Eternal I thank you for your warm
embrace and all you have provided for me and all in the afterlife. It is
because of you we may all someday find peace.

{D Syrion Solonas, Templar of Death and Order Guardian.{x

read Closing
This is my first book. I do hope to write more as these are only a few parts
of my life. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed living it
and writting it for you. I have always said, "I help because I enjoy doing
so." and these moments brought me true joy.
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Re: Books for CoM
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2012, 02:27:16 PM »
Hope you don't mind me posting here~ Anyway, I remember Syrion and his mayhem. Mostly dealing with Celandreia (of whom I've missed since CoM went down... is she still around?) and your death. Those were fun times, finding objects that represented Syrion. T'was something that caught me off guard and made me stop and think for a change. xD T'was fun and challenging!
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Re: Books for CoM
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2012, 12:27:41 AM »
that story is in book three which was on the order's forum and thus gone forever :(
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Re: Books for CoM
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2013, 12:00:05 PM »
The Chronicals of the Order of St. Brenton. Vol. I


This book is a chronicle of the Order beginning the 16th of Gadat 1663. I
write this book so if history repeats itself, the Order closes and fades from
the mind of the people, when some young boy much like myself feels the need
to open these doors again he will have something I did not; a detailed
account of those before him.

Without gold the Order could have never opened up again. So this is where we
will begin this book.
When I first came to the Order to work is when I learned of the gold problems
within the Order. Lacking the gold for supplies and food, the Order was
unable to buy the things needed to help the people. I was new in Seria and
young, but had joined the Triage and a few of the men I worked with had told
me if I ever needed coin to ask.  So I headed of in search of these men and
the coin they had promised. It took only three days to raise enough gold to
buy the supplies and clothes needed to open the Order, and I had made just
enough extra to hold a small banquet to announce our opening to the public.
As word of the banquet spread many others donated food and clothing, and a
few even donated their time and talents.

First banquet

The first banquet was a great success, bringing in more donations than any
banquet held since. It was the gold and clothing collected at this banquet
held just outside the gates of the Order that allowed to Order to remain
open through the following years' trouble. Over one thousand gold was
collected, and enough clothes to dress fifty men.

Not long after the first banquet several people in Blindman's watch fell ill.
Within weeks of this the Order was framed for the poisoning, and other events
over the following years. The Order insisted they were innocent of all
crimes, but were removed from the Triage and exiled from the city. The
members refused to abandon the Order and the people, but even after being
cleared of the crimes were still under attack by the government. Though
several fights broke out, only three lives were lost in over three years: Two
Triage members fell, and one Order Templar.

Since it would take an entire book in order to explain the full scope of
charges against the Order and evidence of their innocence, I leave copies of
Sehlk letters clearing the Order members of their charges.

Peoples of M'dhoria,
Let it be known throughout M’dhoria that the following men are returned to
their good standings within Seria: Christoph, Xaian, Andizen, and Syrion (the
names appear to be  scrawled and lacks the flow of the rest of the words
around it). The Order is returned to its good standing within Seria, as I
Sehlk Sarran, the Guiding Light, Queen of the Golden City, was wrong and
misjudged these men and their actions. They are each the pentacle of what it
means to be steadfast in their convictions and beliefs, and the paths they
walk as the children of Gods. May the Light bless each of them with all that
is coming to them.
(Signed in a simple flowing script) {mSehlk Sarran, the Guiding Light, Queen of
the Golden City

You each walk a path of servitude that others cannot understand. Your paths
are welcome again within the walls of Seria and her holdings. May your true
light shine in a manner in which all see you as I do, so that all know you as
the ambitious men that I know you as. May peace grow strong between the
Order and Triage.

(signed in a simple flowing script) {m Sehlk Sarran, the Guiding Light, Queen
of the Golden City

Returning banquet
Upon the getting the news of the Orders vindication, the members arranged a
banquet to celebrate this glorious moment. With wonderful timing the Order
and Triage were able to work together, and not hold a dinner honouring the
Order's return but also the marriage of the Queen. This banquet was a great success, and a grand start to a new beginning for the Order and Triage.

the following years
In the years following the Order's vindication and work with the Triage, they
saw the city through many problems together. The Order's membership saw great
growth and periods of decline, however none of this brought change to the
way the devout members upheld their virtues: {YFaith, Justice, Charity.
Obediance and Temprance.

As we continue our work I hope it will to will be grand enough to be subject
of another book, hower if we to fade into history and the Order again closes.
I pray this book is able to guide a young man like myself to open the Order
once more, should Seria enter a time of need.

{DSyrion Solonas, Templar of the Order of St. Brenton.{x

Members between 1663 and  1669:

Andizen Koldeln
Christoph Vasser
Syrion Solonas
Zeaban Lornat
Ireina Asher

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