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Author Topic: Dreaming  (Read 1160 times)


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« on: July 20, 2017, 12:49:15 AM »
While I would normally wait a little while longer to make a suggestion, there's one mechanic in the game that seems to be particularly frustrating to me: sleeping.

Now, needing to sleep isn't a bad thing, and I'm aware that as classes level up they gain access to skills that lower the time that it's necessary to sleep, but what bothers me the most is that you can't do anything ICly. Not even think.

So, instead of alt+tabbing to do something else and trying not to void, or reading up on helpfiles, or obsessively typing score or who until you're all regened, I was hoping that there could be a way to dream.

This is not an ambitious suggestion, not at all. At the least, I'm suggesting a command along the lines of think (or even just the ability to think while asleep, though that seems like it could have issues re: shifters) that allows you to input a series of descriptive lines detailing whatever dream your character might be having, visible to yourself and Immortals like think is.

You dream: The sporadic swaying of the bough in the wind gradually becomes the rocking of a ship's deck, out in the middle of some great ocean. Sailors scurry to and fro as they tend to the boat.

You dream: All at once, the seamen's shouts become shrill and panicked and you rush to the railing in time to see a massive, dark bulk submerge itself in the waves.

You dream: The sickening crunch of splintering wood can be heard behind you and you turn just in time to see an impossibly large black bear, dragon-sized and completely drenched, hauling itself up over the edge of the the deck with a guttural roar.

You dream: The deck keels beneath your feet and although you scrabble frantically for purchase, you find yourself sliding and toppling toward the massive beast as the ship takes on water.

You dream: The last thing you see before you wake is the bear's gaping maw lined with flesh-rending yellowed teeth.

Writing out dreams is a great way to pass time, not to mention flesh out and reveal things about a character that may not come up in casual conversation, like their past, fears, secret desires, longings, virtual family, goals, etc. It's also the creative writing equivalent of noodling, which is a great way to add depth to your character. Anxiety post-nightmare is a fun thing to roleplay, too.

This could be expanded if needed/desired, as well. Shifters or other applicable classes could pick up on dreams or inject them into the minds of sleeping characters, potentially causing a debuff for nightmares. Immortals could send divine dreams to characters, RP Staff could use them to begin or add to quests they're running, etc. I'm sure there are other things, but primarily I'm suggesting an RP-focused command and not one that confers mechanical benefit or detriment.

Either way, thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope it's a suggestion that fits in with the design and direction of the game.


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Re: Dreaming
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2017, 09:59:55 PM »
Thanks for the thoughts!  Let me explain my reasoning a bit.

I'd prefer to see a character fleshed out by the things they accomplish in the game and through interactions with other people rather than how long of a story they can write by themselves or how much they can RP in a closed room alone.  The game has followed this philosophy in the last decade or so.

In that regard, I doubt I'll ever put the time into writing an RP command that hardly anyone will be able to see, especially when something similar can be accomplished by simply writing it down yourself in a document.  If you really insist on seeing it in the game, I suppose gtell would show approximately the same number of people as a "dream" command even though it's OOC.  Right now, "imms" is essentially me and the chances of me catching a player in a room while sleeping are pretty minimal.  This is the same reason I'll never add a backstory field into the game where people write paragraphs of things that won't be seen.  If you were to RP telling another player about the dream you had and make it up then, that would invite more response and be more interesting than one person writing alone.  I don't disapprove of your character dreaming; I do think it can be adapted into the game in a more interactive way than writing lines into the ether where people won't see them.

I believe we've frowned upon shifters injecting thoughts into people because often this is done forcefully instead of a way that allows the victim to respond.  If you and a shifter are happy with how that's going, have at it.  It essentially follows the rule that "As long as nobody is mad, I don't care."  RP team and imms have the echo command and have occasionally used it to (responsibly) give people dreams if they choose to stay asleep and see the whole thing.
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Re: Dreaming
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2017, 03:44:18 PM »
Not serious about this but I had a random thought.

What if when you slept you had a chance to be "teleported" to an exact replica of the real mud. Except anything that happens in the dream doesn't affect your character. You are in fact in a "dream" you can move around, you can talk, you can RP with other players in your dream (they have to be in the dream as well). You can be out of character (it is after all a dream world) you can PK each other. But if you die from a player, if you attack an NPC, if you type wake, you wake up in the real game and nothing really occurred, but you can talk about it with other players who may have had similar dreams (if they were in the dream world as well). Obviously anything that is said or happens in a dream won't affect the real world. Maybe you can only travel so far before you can't see anymore, the dream is limited by your subconscious or something.

Okay done ranting.


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Re: Dreaming
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2018, 09:14:55 PM »
I love this random idea, could just be a way of upgrading the shrine of dreams and nightmares. About time we got something fancier then a ski ball machine in there..