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Author Topic: Things are stirring, and someone must tell the tale  (Read 1607 times)


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Things are stirring, and someone must tell the tale
« on: April 05, 2019, 06:20:03 PM »
An old siriyu man with long fancy hair saunters in from the north wearing a mandolin strapped over his shoulder.
South Street at the Entrance to the Plaza
The dark spires of Darkwater Basilica rise above a wrought-iron fence draped
with thick moss.  The auburn cobblestones of South Street contrast sharply
with the gray stones.  To the east, an opening in the marble wall that
surrounds the plaza permits entrance.  A line of sewer grates on the east side
of the street provide drainage.  Far in the distant south stand the southern
gates of Seria while the center of Seria lies farther north. 

[Exits: north east south]

The sun is setting, the sky already getting dark, as the siriyu bard leans against the marble wall surrounding the plaza. He adjust his mandolin, to begin picking a chord, not to play a song but to keep the tempo of his story.

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, ONE and ALL, come here a story of the Golden City, nestled between these walls."

The siriyu bard continues to strike the chord, keeping a steady tempo, as citizens and their children bustle along south street, some stopping to hear the bard's tale.

"There is much a stirring in these Great walls, seems these days all of Seria is an adventurer, and half of them great men and women, world renowned. There are merchants and traders whose stock rival the greatest of DRAGON HORDES, and fair clerics and holy knights like not seen since the ages of Ghel'dale and the goodly Elysiriyu."

The siriyu bard continues his story with a single steady chord, keeping tempo.

"But all is not good in these Golden Gates, rumors of demons and evil abounds, insidious plans for control, destruction and domination."

Focusing his attention on a family with a few adolescent teen children and down in age to a newborn, he plucks the chord a little harder, but no faster.

"Will our Protectors be victorious? Or will evil prevail?"

Looking at one of the youths, the siriyu bard finishes his story, marked by the end of his steady chord.

"Or will a new hero arise from the shadows, newly out-fitted by our fine merchants, and save the day?"

Peeling himself off the wall, he winks to the youth, as he places his brass bucket on ground in front of him.

With a round of applause his bucket is quickly filled with small coins of low denominations.
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