Clans are organizations usually based in the main city of Seria.  They are formed to promote various interests like mutual protection, trading, the search for higher knowledge, and the pursuit of power.  Clans are player-created and player-run, and joining one is a way to enrich one’s roleplaying experience within the game.  If you wish to create a clan, these are the requirements and methods for doing so.

Current Clans

These clans are currently in play in the game.

The Nexus

The Nexus is a coalition of adventurers, explorers, and investigators within Seria.  Its members seek the thrill of discovery and the gain of new knowledge over secondary benefits such as fame and wealth.  The clan as a whole views challenges as puzzles to be solved and values thought and cleverness over brute strength.

Although the Nexus is a Seria-based clan, its activity extends to wherever there may be a chance for questions to be asked.  The clan has little interest in political power at home and remains steadfastly neutral as a whole.  While its members are free to side with whomever they choose, most are selected for their loyalty to the clan’s mission.  At times, the group may share their findings and experience with the hopes of inspiring those not among their number to walk the same path of discovery.

Clan Colors: Purple and White
Clan Emblem: A Spiraling Purple Whorl

The Union

Born out of the political turmoil of Seria, the Union intends to provide a system of support for the Serian citizenry without taking on the mantle of government.  This does not mean that it remains aloof from politics; the Union works with or against governments in support of the people’s interests.

To achieve its goal, the Union functions on three pillars: the discovery and use of resources, the study and implementation of civic improvement in Seria itself, and the creation and maintenance of a citizen’s militia.  Because of its scope, its members come from all walks of life and possess varied talents.  Membership in the Union is limited only by two requirements: the ability to offer one’s talents, and the willingness to adhere to the goals of the clan.

Clan Colors: Gray and Red
Clan Emblem: Three Connected Gray Stone Towers With Lit Beacons

Recent Old Clans

These clans are now defunct and are archived for historical purposes.  They may be revived if requirements are met and the clan’s mission is suitable for the ongoing state of the game.

The Iron-Fist

The Iron-Fist is a religious-military government controlled by its “King.”  It rules through military might, enforcement of the laws, and overall protection of the city and its citizens.  As a group more concerned with faith than where it is placed, its members and motives are as varied as its religions.  They do, however, share common goals: wealth, power, religion, and faith.

The Iron-Fist enforces the laws of the city while championing the causes of its leaders and the gods.  Non-members are not permitted to bear arms in places of Iron-Fist influence.  When not focused on enforcing the laws and dealing with criminals, members of the Iron-Fist can usually be found making plans to rebuild and take control of the most profitable parts of the city.  Others may singly or in groups praise the gods, be it through simple prayers or gestures, hunting and fighting for the lords of Battle and Hunt, or conducting experiments for the sake of Knowledge and Magic.

Clan Colors: Red and Black
Clan Emblem: A Crimson Open Hand and Clenched Fist on a Black Background

The Aegis

The waning presence of the Enclave led to the rise of a new order of justice under the Aegis.  Unlike their predecessor, the organization espouses a less malicious justice that is not bound by religious beliefs.

The Aegis is a government organization focused upon the pursuit of law and justice to ensure the well-being of Seria.  Its foremost duty is to ensure the basic rights of liberty and security by arbitrating internal disputes between citizens of different races, backgrounds, and creeds and defending those within the city walls from external hostilities.  Members of the Aegis and potential recruits are expected to abide by all laws of the city and to put their affiliation with the Aegis above ties with other clans.

Since law and order are priorities, those who are chaotic at heart may find the structure and strict code of the Aegis stifling, but will not be turned away if they pledge to serve the Aegis’ mission.  Service in the Aegis has its rewards: allies, superior equipment, and the security of living without fear.

Clan Colors: Gold and Black

Clan Emblem: a golden eight-pointed star on a black shield

The Syndicate

The Syndicate, a once infamous group of underhanded thieves and merchants, is now a government organization based in Seria.  While retaining its mercantile functions, the organization seeks to uphold Serian law, defend the city against attacks, and expand the city’s financial resources.  Those that join the Syndicate are quite diverse in race and credo, but all of them are expected to remain focused on the organization’s responsibilities to the city as well as its ravenous financial prowess.

The Syndicate’s resources are spent in garnering mutually beneficial contracts in pursuit of wealth.  While it is a profit-seeking organization, much of its wealth flows into the upkeep of Seria’s structural integrity and maintainence of the city’s defenses.  It welcomes new recruits so long as they are interested in making themselves, the city, and the organization as a whole wealthy.  The Syndicate offers many benefits to its members such as protection, exceptional armor, and camaraderie.  Much of the profit of the Syndicate is based on pursuing results rather than worrying over the methods, which deters many lawful people.  Although they are sworn protectors of Seria’s streets, the Syndicate still struggles with rumors of a lingering, shadowy underbelly and does its best to maintain a positive image in Seria.

Clan Colors: Brown and Yellow

Clan Emblem: a brown satchel spilling gold flanked by crossed daggers

The Enclave

As the Ishon expanded, it grew south into Cranezmore, turning the city more wild and host to the forest’s murderous inhabitants.  Cranezmore’s citizens, well aware of the savage horrors of the twisted forest, chose survival and abandoned their city.  They were determined to find a new home and set their sights on invading Seria.  The Enclave, Cranezmore’s corrupt and vicious military clan, brought war upon the weakened Triage and soon stood victorious as the new commanders of the city.  Though their unquestioned dominion over Seria eventually turned to a turbulent shared rule, they remain a major force of influence in the city’s governance and seek to maintain an iron-fisted grasp of power.

Those of evil and harsher neutral ilk may find a place in the Enclave’s ranks as it remains close to its roots of Cranezmore’s ruling organization.  Religious faith is of great importance; many join as a means to serve the gods in a clan where blasphemy is akin to a death sentence.  The Enclave centers around values of brute tyranny and members are known to dispense their own brand of justice on a whim.  Its members often concern themselves with their own wellbeing and their relations to the divine over pursuing fairness in maintaining order.  Those who are tenacious in their pursuit of religion and personal desires are particularly valued for their ambition and faith, though any who may strengthen the Enclave are welcomed and cared for.

Clan Colors: Black and Red

Clan Symbol: An ebon gauntlet emblazoned with a crimson teardrop

The Xan

The waning remnants of the Triage, long corrupt and ineffective, were reorganized in a new organization built on the principles of Justice and Order: the Xan.  The Xan charges themselves with establishing and upholding Order within Seria.  Members encourage a safe, progressive environment that upholds the belief of liberty for all.  The Xan will use force if necessary in the defense of its precepts and of Seria.  As a clan, the Xan operates on the values of intelligence, loyalty, diplomacy, and justifiable force.

The Xan considers itself a system free of corruption.  They value justice above all and adhere strictly to the laws of the land, as well as the laws within their own clan.  To maintain these laws they use information gathering, quick thinking, and the inherent talents of each of their members, working together as a cohesive, unified clan.  The Xan rely heavily upon diplomacy to strengthen their clan and build trust and loyalty.

Clan Colors: Blue and Gold

Clan Symbol: A shield with a hawk outlined in silver in one diagonal corner (background gold) and a set of balances outlined in silver in the other (background blue).

The Oldest Clans: These are merely here for the records. These clans once governed the major cities of M’dhoria before they were forced into Seria, and thus their missions are not highly relevant to the one-city schema.

The Triage of Seria
The Enclave of Cranezmore
The Ge’siri of Gheldale