The Enclave of Cranezmore

Born in the sinister shadows of the Ishon Forest, the people of Cranezmore were known to be brutal and bloodthirsty. The redness of their aura was unmatched and the most evil of them were found among the ranks of the Enclave, the ruling clan of Cranezmore. The Enclave sought to dominate the whole of M’Dhoria and bring its populace into the service of the Dark Lords. The clan was hated by goodly people throughout the realm.  The Enclave conquered Seria and held absolute power for some time before its grasp grew weak and political power splintered in the city.

The Enclave was strict in maintaining its hierarchy. Insolence and insubordination were rarely tolerated and are quickly punished. Sitting on top of the hierarchy was none other than the Emperor. Beneath him, power was divided between the Deathlord and the Oracle.

The Rulers of Cranezmore

Emperor/Empress: 20

The Emperor is the absolute ruler of Cranezmore and the head of the Enclave. All citizens of Cranezmore answer to him, as his rule is blessed by the Dark Lords themselves. While the position of Emperor is either hereditary or appointed by the Dark Lords, the Empress is chosen by the Emperor. The role of the Empress varies, though often times she will wield power in the absence of the Emperor. Answerable to none but the Gods, the Emperor and Empress exercise total power and their word is law.

Bloodheir: 19
Members of the royal family, the Bloodheirs are next in line to the throne. As their numbers vary, so too do their duties, depending on their age and the power given to them by the Emperor. Often times a Bloodheir will act in place of the Emperor in conducting matters of the state, though on occassion they might serve as acting leader of the military forces. The Bloodheirs are born into their status, though the rank can be appointed by the Emperor to members of the Empresses’ family if no offspring have yet been born.

Oracle: 18

The chosen voice of the Dark Lords themselves, the Oracle’s duty is to advise the Emperor in service to the Gods. As representative of the Religious ranks, the Oracle’s daily duties include the overseeing of rituals and sacrifices, as well as the spiritual guidance of all citizens and the Enclave. The Oracle is generally chosen by the Emperor from the Religious ranks of the Enclave, though may, at times, be appointed directly by the Dark Lords themselves. Answerable only to the Lords and the Emperor, the Oracle bears a great deal of responsibility as an advisor and spiritual leader.

Deathlord: 17

The Deathlord is the highest ranking officer of all ranks under the Emperor, tasked with the duty of managing the military and the personal guard, the Deathknights. The Deathlord is answerable only to the Bloodheirs and the Emperor and, as such, also maintains duties as an advisor and confidant in military matters. Considered the right hand of the Emperor, the Deathlord will, at times, take his place should the Emperor be incapacitated. Being required to have absolute understanding of military tactics and the arcane arts, only the paragon of all ranks is chosen for the position, by discretion of the Emperor himself.

The Religious Ranks

Darkseer: 14
The highest rank of the Religious branch of the Enclave, the revered position of Darkseer, is achieved only through fiercely devoted piety and exemplary servitude to the Dark Lords. Chosen directly from the ranks of the Devotees, the members of this select group serve as the aids to the Oracle in all matters pertaining to the spiritual needs of the City. Being of Enclave Officer ranks, they cooperate with the Warlord and the Grandmagus, and answer only to the Oracle and the Emperor, as well as the Gods they serve.

Devotee: 11
The chosen few who show particularly devout convictions might be granted this rank, as a sign of their complete understanding and adherence to the will of the Gods. The Devotees have trained long enough to be able to carry the favor of the Gods through ritual, and have the knowledge to guide and train the Novices in their arts. Utilizing the blessings of their Gods, Devotees often aid the other branches during campaigns, both on the battlefield and off. Being a special rank, Devotees only answer to the Darkseers, the Oracle, the Bloodheirs, and the Emperor.

Novice: 3
Initiates who show exceptional faith and whom have been deemed worthy to serve the Gods directly become Novices. They are expected to focus on mastering their skills, and to devote themselves fully to the word of the Gods. They assist in rituals, sacrifices and prayers led by Devotees, Darkseers and the Oracle. Novices answer to the higher ranked members of the Religious branch, as well as the Ruling ranks.

The Martial Ranks

Warlord: 15
The top position of the martial branch of the Enclave belongs to the Warlord, an Enclave Officer rank. Being a master of arms and battle tactics, the Warlord is highly valued as an indispensible asset whether in combat or maintaining order in the city. The Warlord is responsible for subordinates in the martial branch, ensuring that law is kept amongst the citizens and in the ranks. Working in conjunction with the Grandmagus and the Darkseers, the Warlord controls the flow of military campaigns outside the city. In addition to the Trainees, Magistrates, and Champions, the Warlord also handles the Scouts and Shadows, who report directly to him. Answerable only to the Ruling ranks, the Warlord is chosen only from the most trusted elite at the discretion of the Emperor himself.

Champion: 9
Champions are heavily trained soldiers, masters of combat arms and battle tactics. Each Champion is expected to manage the Magistrates and Trainees, assigning to them their daily tasks. In addition to the general duties of guarding the city, Champions are responsible for providing subordinate ranks with armor and weapons, while lending their aid to the Mage branch. Champions answer only to the Warlord and the Ruling ranks.

Magistrate: 7

Trainees who have proven themselves and improved their own abilities are promoted to the ranks of the Magistrates within due time. Being skilled in advanced combat training and weaponry, Magistrates are responsible for the peacekeeping within the city, as well as the training of those in the Initiate and Trainee ranks. Magistrates answer directly to a Champion on a daily basis, but are expected to carry out any orders given to them by the Warlord and the Ruling ranks.

Trainee: 4
New Initiates under the tutelage of the higher-ranked martial officers, Trainees are skilled in basic combat and arms. Each Trainee is either managed by a Magistrate or a Scout, though they answer to all other higher ranks in the Martial branch and Ruling ranks. Expected duties of a Trainee include surveying the streets and seeing that order is being maintained within the city. Additionally, Trainees are expected to follow a strict training regimen, so as to improve their usefulness to Cranezmore as a whole.

The Mage Ranks

Grandmagus: 16
Unquestionably wielding a large measure of power within the ranks, the Grandmagus is a master of the Arcane Arts. Not only is he well versed in overseeing the development of his own subordinates, he is also given the responsibility of managing the joint military ventures with the Warlord and the Darkseers, as an Enclave Officer. The power that he and his ranks wield is often the deciding factor in any military campaign, and so the Grandmagus is chosen from the most trusted and highly practiced of the Magus. The Grandmagus oversees the Apprentice, Sorcerer, and Magus ranks, and is answerable only to the Ruling ranks.

Magus: 10

Magus are the special task force of the mage branch of the Enclave, each being highly skilled in their area of study. Being the equivalent of the Champions, they work to ensure that their subordinates are well supplied with armor, weapons, and aids for spellcraft. Considered to be highly capable in their own right, Magus are expected to take on the duties given to them by the Grandmagus, and may at times act in his or her stead should the need arise. Answering only to the Grandmagus and the ruling ranks, Magus carry out their duties to their own ranks, while continuously lending their aid to the Martial branch.

Sorcerer/Sorceress: 6
Apprentices who have honed their arts to higher levels are promoted to Sorcerers and Sorceresses at the discretion of the Grandmagus. They continue to serve as aid to the Martial ranks and keepers of order in the city streets, though their new duties include the training of the Apprentices beneath them. Sorcerers and Sorceresses are expected to report to the Magus for their given tasks, and may at times be called upon by the Grandmagus and the Ruling ranks.

Apprentice: 2
Students of the mystical arts who have been trained in the basics of spellcasting, Apprentices use their power to aid the Martial ranks of the Enclave in their daily tasks. Like Trainees, they are expected to have an understanding of the city’s laws and maintain strict training regimens to build upon their knowledge and mastery of their studies. Apprentices take their orders regularly from their superior officers in the Sorcerer rank, though they must answer to the Magus, Grandmagus, and the members of the Ruling ranks as well.

Other Ranks in the Enclave

Inquisitor: 13

Inquisitors serve a vital role within the ranks of the Enclave as both intelligence officers and as a secret police-like force amongst the citizenry. Chosen only by the Emperor or the Oracle, their purpose is to uncover the truth, by any means necessary. This can range from prying information from an enemy captive to rooting out traitors amongst the Enclave’s ranks. Known for their cunning and finesse, the Inquisitor’s primary weapons are manipulation and a keen knowledge of the workings of the mind, with an expert skill in torture. The Inquisitors answer only to the Ruling ranks, though they are expected to lend their assistance to all Enclave Officers.

Deathknight: 12

The most skilled and trusted of the Enclave ranks are chosen to serve under the Deathlord as Deathknights, the personal guard of the Ruling ranks. Hand picked by the Emperor or the Deathlord, the Deathknights are the enforcers of the Ruling Ranks’ power and have no difficulty dealing out punishment to those who would disobey the Enclave, as well as acting as a specialized task force for the Emperor’s designs. The Deathknights also serve as body guards for the Ruling Ranks and as operatives in military campaigns.  Though an elite, autonomous force from the rest of the rank and file, the Deathknights are expected to aid the Enclave’s Officers if required. However, Deathknights only take absolute orders from the Emperor, the Oracle, and Deathlord.

Shadow: 8
Scouts who have honed their illicit craft to exceptionally masterful levels are promoted to the rank of Shadow, the eyes and ears of the Ruling ranks. Tasked with the gathering and keeping of information, the Shadows are silent observers of the cities and the outlands, valued for their skills in espionage. Little is known about their methods and duties, as their orders are given by the Warlord and the Ruling ranks, to whom they are only answerable to.

Scout: 5
Individuals deemed to possess particularly exceptionable agility and a high dexterity in slight-of-hand might be drafted into this rank from the Trainees. While seen as little more than thieves and pickpockets by other cities, the Enclave recognizes and nurtures their skills, fostering in them the potential to become great assets to the success of the city. Each Scout is expected to have mastered and honed their cunning skills, so as to better serve the Enclave. Answering to the higher ranked Shadows, this secretive branch of the Martial ranks are under direct control of the Warlord.

Initiate: 1
The new members, just barely above the position of citizens in the city, Initiates are new recruits in the Enclave. Completely untrained, they are answerable to all ranks above them. Most Initiates only stay in this rank for so long, as they are quickly categorized and placed under the command of one of the branches of the Enclave within short time.

Slave: 0
Slaves are those that are under control of the Enclave, having no citizenship rights or protections. They make up the bulk of the labor force and are responsible for the menial maintenance of the city. Reserved for so-called lesser races, this classification is generally made up of captive johgos and goblins, in addition to those demoted from higher ranks as a form of punishment. Advancement from servitude is determined solely at the discretion of the ruling ranks.